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if you've ever thought...

"Can we skip the small talk?"

"I wonder what's their story..."

"How can I be there for you?"

"I want to be honest without burning this bridge."

"I wish we'd stop talking over each other."

"How can our gatherings be more meaningful?"

"Is it weird if I ask them this?"

"I want to get to know the real you."

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Create safe spaces for the conversations that matter.


The Empathy Box is a card-based facilitation tool designed for analogue connection in an increasingly digital society.

It provides a structure for conversations that foster empathy, respect and understanding within a group of people.

We face a new kind of poverty in the 21st century: a poverty of connection, community and support. Mental health issues are on the rise. We're addicted to our devices. We've lost touch with our friends and neighbors.

The Empathy Box aims to create more safe spaces that cut through the small talk and allow us to connect on a human level.

Version 2.0 is the distillation of our 3 years of work in this field. We’re beyond excited to see what magic you will create with it. ✨