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Hi, we're Tribeless. We created The Empathy Box because we love having deep conversations, but we were too socially awkward for small talk.


We have conversations everyday. Some are bad. Some are good. Some change our lives. Here at Tribeless, we’re a teensy bit obsessed with figuring out what goes into the latter.

In our 3 years of facilitating 1200+ hours of conversations, we identified the holy grail of good conversations to be... EMPATHY.

Empathy in a conversation looks like: “Hey, I’ve been there, you’re not alone.”

Empathy allows us to expand our worldview and include other people in it. It creates safety & connection unlike anything else. This serves as the bedrock for stronger relationships, tighter-knit communities, and happier lives.

The Empathy Box is the distillation of 1200+ hours of practical testing with 2000+ people from 80+ nationalities and 5 continents.

We’re absolutely can’t wait to get it into your hands. 💛





Giving + Getting Permission

People can bring a lot of baggage into conversations. Try advising your friend to quit her job when you just lost yours, and you'll see what we mean. ;) Our focus on Permission-Based Design enables participants to take a step back, get present with themselves, and decide how they would like to interact with each other – setting up the group for a more thoughtful, nuanced discussion.


Embracing Diversity of Perspective

The Empathy Box's focus on real, personal, human stories and experiences – instead of beliefs or opinions – allow you to see past the physical, cultural and hierarchical differences of each participant, and harness the group's wisdom for the benefit of all.


Creating a Structure for Flow

Group conversations can be often chaotic, complex, and all over the place. We've distilled the elements of a good conversation into the six components you see in the Empathy Box. Together, they provide an overarching structure that create clarity and flow for any kind of conversation — from catching up with old friends, to a performance review with your team.



Imagine a world where being kind is more important than being successful.

A world where the human condition is celebrated; where people who are going through shame and trauma don't need to feel like they need to sweep their experiences under the rug, and instead, can open up to and obtain support from the people around them.

A world where people feel loved, cared for, and able to contribute to the wellbeing of themselves and each other.

The solution to creating this world?
Experiential Empathy Education.

With The Empathy Box, we hope to empower more Community Leaders with empathy skills that they can take back into their homes, workplaces, communities and organizations.

By practicing empathy in our immediate communities, we are able to create a culture of care where people can show up as their true selves, connect over their stories, and realize they're actually more similar than they are different.