What is The Empathy Box, and how does it work?

Empathy Box is a card-based facilitation tool designed for group conversations that build trust and connection. Its structure, rules and mechanics are designed to create a safe space for a group to share, listen, empathize and respond.

How many people can I use the Box with?

Version 2.0 of The Empathy Box comes with 8 sets of Response Cards – the playing cards that each participant uses in the session – which means that you can convene a maximum group size of 7 people (excluding yourself). The science behind this: 8 has been shown to be the 'optimum' group size, from Scrum teams to game nights. If you wish to host more people, however, there are Response Cards Bundle Packs for sale under the "Store" tab!

What countries do you ship to?

The Empathy Box ships globally, at the same price... Except for Israel. Due to an archaic geopolitical spat between our two countries, we incur extra shipping charges from our national carrier, so we have to resort to a different shipping partner.

How long will shipping take?

For ASEAN countries, it’ll take between 7 - 21 days. Everywhere else, 14 - 28 days. A tracking code will be sent to your inbox once we've shipped out your order. If it doesn’t arrive within 30 days, just send us an email at orders@tribeless.co and we'll check on it!

What financing options do you have available?

We're always keen to support people who want to create an impact. There are 3 financing options available: [1] Scholarships, [2] Installments and [3] Malaysian Pricing. [1] If you're a Social Enterprise, NGO, or Changemaker, you might be eligible for our scholarship. Read more about it in the "Scholarship" section. [2] We can create a custom installment plan for you that ranges from 3 - 6 months. Just email orders@tribeless.co with the products you'd like to purchase, and we'll get back to you! Note: there'll be a small addition charge to cover the costs from extra Payment Processing. [3] Are you a Malaysian? Well you're in luck, because we have a special Malaysian Price for EBV2! #LocalPride This is because we get to save on the shipping costs... And because we want to play our part in building our nation. Email us at orders@tribeless.co for more info.

Who is the Box made for? Do I need to be trained?

The Box was designed for everyday folks like you and me who want to take a step towards connecting with the people in their lives in a deeper, more meaningful way. We’ve created Version 2.0 to accommodate both Beginner and Experienced users – so if you have never used the Empathy Box before, there will be special step-by-step Instruction Cards that can guide your group through the entire session! For high-stake or high-impact conversations that involve teams, dynamics or groups with a specific outcome in mind (ie: conflict resolution, team visioning, mental health responder training), for best results, you will need to be trained by Tribeless. For more information on this, email your request or questions to hello@tribeless.co

Why is there a limited number of Boxes for each version?

Every version of the Empathy Box is rigorously iterated and locally produced in Malaysia. We are a small team that is passionate about providing the highest quality to our users, so each Box is handpacked with care. The limited number also lends to more intimate connections forged in the Empathy Box community.

When is the next version (Version 3.0) coming out?

Honestly? We have no idea. We LOVE researching, testing and collecting your feedback on The Empathy Box ... so when we've done enough of that to warrant a new iteration, then we will launch Version 3.0!

What is the Empathy Box Scholarship about?

The Scholarship is our way of supporting social enterprises, non-profit organisations or local communities/societies who want to create impact in their community using The Empathy Box. Want more details? Apply through the link above!

I’m having issues paying/purchasing from your website!

Whoops. Email us with a screenshot and description of the issue, with the subject line [Can’t Buy Empathy Box] to orders@tribeless.co and we will get back to you ASAP!

I really love what you do! How can I get more involved?

Thank you for your love! For organisations, we're always looking to foster long-term partnerships to create more impact towards our collective communities. If this resonates with you, send us a message through our contact page! For individuals, we're in the midst of creating our community platform and initiatives, which we hope to launch next year. Stay tuned by signing up at our newsletter below!

What’s inside the Empathy Box?

In each Empathy Box, we’ve included: [1] a deck of 85 conversation cards, [2] a Response Card Info Sheet, [3] Kickstart Guide, [4] User Manual, [5] customization materials (Sharpie, label stickers, blank cards).

When and where do you recommend using the Empathy Box?

You're in luck! We have an entire section dedicated to different scenarios where you can use the Box. Check it out here.

Do I need to be certified, either by Tribeless or other professional bodies, to use the Box?

You do not need to be certified for your own personal use with family, friends or colleagues. You DO need to be certified if: [1] You are planning on using the Box for professional services, ie: coaching, counselling, teaching, facilitation or training, that may significantly impact the mental or emotional state of your participants, or [2] You want to represent or officially partner with Tribeless for a workshop, conference, or otherwise paid opportunity that features the Empathy Box.

Can people from different backgrounds (social, ethnic, economic, geographic) use the Empathy Box? Do you have to localize per locale, or is it designed to be universal?

The Empathy Box is designed to be universal and culturally agnostic across all backgrounds – as long as the participants can speak and understand English. Some stats to back this up: The O.G. Box was tested with 80 nationalities from 5 continents; it was translated by the community to 6 languages; it is currently present across 22 countries; and it has been successfully used as a community building tool in multiple international conferences.

Why is the Empathy Box priced at this price point?

The Empathy Box may seem like a game, but it is actually a facilitation tool that can yield powerful results. This is thanks to our rigorous testing, research and development process that eats up a lot of time and money. Furthermore, every Box is printed & hand-assembled in Malaysia. We do not mass-manufacture our components, so everything we do is a labor of love - literally. This is a full breakdown of what you're paying for.

Where do you source your materials from?

98% of our materials are sourced, printed, or manufactured locally here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Is The Empathy Box available in other languages?

For now, the Box is only available in English. In the future, we’re planning to open up the Empathy Box to community translators who want to translate the Box into their own native languages! We’re still in the process of making this happen, so stay tuned!

What happens when all 150 boxes are sold out?

We’ll treat ourselves to a nice dinner, then assess the impact of this particular version of the Box through user interviews & practical feedback – the ushe. However, if there’s a significant demand for it, we might print more of the current version!

My Empathy Box is badly damaged / not here yet after 30 days!

We're very sorry to hear that. We take these incidents very seriously, so please send us an email at orders@tribeless.co and we’ll try our best to solve your issue ASAP!

Do you have a return policy?

For now, we are not able to handle returns. If your Box encounters any issues (like being badly damaged or lost in transit), just email us at orders@tribeless.co and we’ll send you a replacement!

How do I make changes to an order I’ve already placed?

If it’s within 24 hours of making an order, you can still inform us of changes by emailing us DIRECTLY at orders@tribeless.co. If it’s past 24 hours, we have no guarantees... so it will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Are customs, VAT, duty fees or taxes included in the order?

Yes, we’ve done the best we can to comply to most international taxes or duty fees. If you’ve encountered any extra charges, let us know immediately by emailing orders@tribeless.co.

I’ll be in Kuala Lumpur, can I pick up the Empathy Box directly from you?

Yes! You’ll need to specify “Pick Up” in the “Additional Notes” section during checkout with your ideal TIME and DATE for PICK-UP. The "Malaysian Pricing" may or may not apply to you, depending on the criteria that we’ve set above.

How do the Scholarships work?

Every new Empathy Box iteration, we’ll set a fixed number of Boxes available for a heavily discounted price (you’ll only need to cover the material costs + shipping). There’ll be a form that you can fill, that also explains our “Ask” in exchange - usually things like check-in user interviews, written blog posts, testimonials, etc.

Why are you offering the Scholarship?

We want to support Social Enterprises, Non-profits or Clubs/Societies that we believe are doing important and impactful work in the world, but currently don’t have the financial means to acquire the Box (we’ve been there, so we feel you!).

Am I eligible for the Scholarship? What’s your selection criteria?

Our criteria changes depending if you’re an Individual or an Organization. As an Individual, we’re looking for people who want to make a change in their local communities. As an Organization, we’re looking for those who want to integrate the Box into their existing work, either through engaging their volunteers/stakeholders better, or whose beneficiaries will greatly benefit from The Empathy Box.

Where do I apply?

You can apply here! There is currently no deadline for application. We will assess them on a rolling basis and close the doors once all Scholarships have been filled.

I’m an institution/organization/company and would like to include training with my purchase, is that possible?

Definitely! Please contact us and let us know the details. We’ll get right back to you :)

I’m organising an event, and plan to use The Empathy Box in it. Do I need permission to do so?

It's fine to use The Empathy Box in your own personal capacity, like with family or friends. However, if it is a public-facing conference (with >50 pax), or a private training or programme (where The Empathy Box comprises 50% of the module), we would request you to contact us for permission. We always love hearing what people get up to with the Box, and we would love to partner / support you however we can!

Can I customize my Box for a specific/organisational use case?

Yes you can! Just contact us and we’ll see how we can make that happen. :)

Do you offer a “TEAM", "STUDENT" or "EDUCATOR” edition of The Empathy Box?

Those ideas, and many more, are currently in the works. Every iteration/expansion of the Box requires heavy research and testing, so we'd appreciate your patience!